Hard Money (Fix and FLip)

Loan Size: $500k to $12mm

Property Types:

Multi Family

Office Buildings

Strip Centers

Mixed Use

Hotels & Motels (Flagged)

Industrial Warehouses


Skilled Living and Assisted Living

Loan Types:

Purchase Money & Refinance Transactions

Cash Out for Business Purposes

Discounted Note Payoffs

Rehab… Construction Completion & Property conversion

Loan Terms range from:

$500,000 to $12 mil

1 to 2 years Interest only

9% to 11%

2 to 3 Lender points

Up to 65% Loan to value (LTV)

Up to 80% Loan to Purchase maxed out at 65% Loan to Value (LTV)

*Rehab based on After Repair Value” (ARV)

*NO Pre-Pay

The better the deal/The better the pricing

*California rates start at 7.99% and points start at 1.5%

Pricing Factors:

Term… the shorter the term the better the pricing

LTV… the lower the LTV the better the pricing

Property Location and Condition… A-properties in A-locations get better pricing then B-

properties in B-locations & B-properties in B-locations get better pricing than C-properties in C-locations

Servicing capabilities… borrowers who can service their own debt get better pricing then borrowers asking for reserves

Exit Strategy… the better the exit strategy the better the deal

Primary Loan Requirements:

1. 65% LTV or up to 80% Loan to Purchase

(maxed out at 65% LTV)

2. Borrower/Property with the ability to Service our interest only debt

3. Clear Exit Strategy from our loan

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